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I am a Registered nurse with 3years of experience .I am a compassionate, friendly, flexible, always willing to learn, fast thinker, easygoing, enthusiastic and innovative registered nurse who has the perfect combination of dedication, competence, compassion, team spirit, and IT skills required for excellent health care delivery.

As a compassionate nurse,I am strongly committed to providing excellent and quality care to patient irrespective of their ethnicity,racial background and religious beliefs.

From the experience I have so far as a nursing Officer, I have learnt to effectively manage the available resources effectively, my time and prioritize my workload , which has made me to be able to work under pressure in a busy and fast-paced environment. I have also gained proficient communication skills, both written and verbal communications, with the ability to interact with patients in a friendly and respectful manner while maintaining good interpersonal relationship with both patients and multidisciplinary team members. and also currently a student of Manchester Metropolitan university.

I am chef who loves to cook, cooking makes me very happy.

I am also  an entrepreneur who owns her own business and also a writer.

I help individuals revamp their CV’s and also give health related discussion.

i am open to making friends and learning new skills.